Flow Cytometry Facility

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Iowa State University’s Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF) offers life scientists a powerful technology for investigating all aspects of cell biology and for isolating cells of interest.  Flow cytometry is an indispensable tool for deciphering complex cellular processes and interactions in a variety of animal, plant and microbial systems, enabling detection and quantitative analysis of specific cellular and sub-cellular elements in a complex mixture of cells. 

The mission of the FCF is to promote scientific research by making flow cytometry instrumentation and expertise available to both the University community and off-campus institutions.  The facility has three state-of-the-art flow cytometers, as well as a number of other research-related instruments, and facility staff members are experienced in applications for animal cells, plant cells and bacteria.  Investigators from all over the world employ the facility to sort discrete cell populations and gather data on cell-surface/intercellular protein expression, chromosomal ploidy, cell concentration, gene expression, proliferation, apoptosis, and a number of other cell-related properties.  

Flow cytometry is continually expanding in scope as a research tool and your most valuable technical resource is the staff of the Flow Cytometry Facility.  Staff are available to consult on experimental design and assist in data acquisition and analysis – all with the latest techniques.  Contact the facility to find out how flow cytometry can help facilitate your research.